How to choose your paint rollers?

Painting a large surface requires the use of certain tools, notably a roller. The roller is the ideal tool to quickly paint a wall, the floor, or the ceiling. It is difficult to choose a roller because of their diversity on the market. In this article, you will see some of the criteria to consider when choosing a paint roller.

Choosing a roller according to its size

The choice of a roller requires the consideration of certain criteria. One of these criteria is the size of the roller. Indeed, it is the surface that you want to paint that determines the width of the roller on which you should bet. Thus, if you want to paint a large surface such as walls, ceilings, or floors, it is advisable to choose a roller that is very wide. That’s why painters are usually seen with a roller of more than twenty centimeters if they have to deal with a large surface wall.
On the other hand, a long roller cannot be used for jobs where the object is not wide, does not have a large surface. It would even be inconvenient to use a large roller for a small area. For small spaces are designed small rollers. They are usually at most ten centimeters. This allows you to reach all corners of the object to be painted. However, a small roller can be used to finish a large space. The small rollers also provide detail at the end.

Consider the length of the roller’s bristles

The other criterion to consider before choosing your paintable canvas rollers is the length of the roller’s bristles. Roller bristles are usually no more than thirty millimeters long. Indeed, if the surface is rough, you should choose rollers with long bristles. The size of the roller’s bristles will cover the surface thoroughly. But if you want to take care of your work, the idea is to choose the rollers with short bristles. They are usually used for surfaces that are smooth.