Engraving indispensable tool for decoration

To mark an event, an anniversary or even to live comfortably in your home, you opt for engraving in your decoration style. Thus, several patterns of engraving exist today but plunge you into the embarrassment of the choice of engraving that you need. In this article, you will discover your decoration, the different types of engraving processes.

What is engraving decoration?

Engraving is a form of decoration that is often represented in traditional jewelry. It is also a way to decorate something and consists in removing material and working a surface for new embellishment. Indeed, the engravings although they are objects of ornament or aesthetics, are also works of art and therefore convey messages. They integrate the decorative system to bring a novelty. Better still, they are not only used in residential areas or public places but are also well perceived on gifts or jewelry. Moreover, the engravings are the result of the work of the craftsmen. They are the ones who think and create them with different motifs. For this purpose, it is enough to define your taste and interest before purchasing it for positive satisfaction.

What are the processes of engraving?

Although you know the importance of engraving in the style of decoration, it is not superfluous to seek to know the processes of engraving. Thus, we distinguish in general 3 processes of engraving, namely: the engraving in relief, the engraving in hollow then the lithography. Indeed, the engraving in relief consists of coating with ink the plate and the hollows will give blanks to the impression. On the other hand, the hollows of the plate are filled in case of engraving in hollow. However, the professional wipes the sizes of inks and the reliefs of engravings. On the other hand, the lithography uses the plates without relief prepared for this purpose. Nevertheless, the ink is accepted in certain zones of the plate and gives the impression of the blacks, while those which do not accept it give the whites.